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General Listing of Cultivars from N-Q

Symbols and Abbreviations Key:
Tetraploids                ++ Double form             # Spider, UFO, or just narrow             ^ Small flowers over 3”
Miniatures                                                                                                No symbol
- large Diploids over 4 .5 inches.
- evergreen  (tries to keep its foliage during the winter)                          SEV - semi-evergreen (foliage is less in winter than EV
- dormant (no foliage in winter)                     E - blooms early                 M - blooms Midseason
- blooms late                Re - re-blooms (more than 1 scape per fan)        EXT - Extended bloom (stays open after dark!)
- nocturnal (opens at night, wide open at sunrise)                               EMO - Early Morning Opener
- bud count                  BR - branching              Frag - fragrant                   EZ - Eyezone
- single fan                     DF - double fan (or 2 singles)                                     C - clump (at least 3 fans)

CLUMPS OFFERED unless otherwise mentioned!


*NATURES WAY  (Dan Hansen, FALL 2012)  $20C

EVERGREEN, 36" SCAPES, EARLY SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 6.5" FLOWERS, 3 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Narrow flesh colored flower with feathered veined triangular violet eye and matching thin edge, bright yellow large throat. Edge can be three colors! Throat area pleats up consistently.  Cristate 10% mainly rebloom! (CIRCULATORY SYSTEM X SEEDLING)




*NERVOUS NELLY  (Dan Hansen 2015)  $70c        #3uPA6 

EVERGREEN, 34" SCAPES, EARLY MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 6.5" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Tweener, canoes, tan with complex eye highlighted with a metallic "W", a wobbly break in the pattern! Four distinct breaks on petals, on sepals "V" shaped eye with three breaks and yellow to green throat. (FOO FIGHTER X GNARLY DUDE) X GENEVA AFTER BURNER



*NEW FOUND GLORY  (Dan Hansen, SPRING 2013)  $40


As gardeners, we long to see something rare and exciting in nature. This flower intrigues me because everyday the form is different. Buff yellow petals are neither round, nor narrow (in between, "tweener" for short) and are enraptured by a green throat. Look carefully at the throat each day and you may see a NEW FOUND GLORY - sculpted, christate, pleated - which fascinates and captures everyone's attention. Like all rare things in nature, the sculpted "festivities" of this flower are whimsical and inconsistent, though when seen are very stimulating!
SCULPTED CHRISTATE, PLEATED, yellow buff, green throat. Tweener. (IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY X sdlg)



*NORSEMAN’S CLOAK    $15C (Dan Hansen – Spring 2011) Thick and heavy like the coats of the 9th century "men of the north", this daylily sits on sturdy 35" shoulders and supports the weight. Sun-fast and water-fast, round plum petals are accompanied by a light violet watermark and gripping lime green throat with flat plum sepals bulging in the background. Evergreen, 35" Scapes, Early-Early Season, Re-blooms, 6.25" Flowers, 4 way branching, 20 bud count, Fertile both ways! (sdlg × GUSTY GRAPE)



NO WONDER MEG LIKES IT (Dan Hansen Fall 2010)    sold out

Evergreen, 28" Scapes, Early-Mid Season, Re-blooms, 5" Flower
Yellow green throat flares out to white petals and sepals which are dominated by a wide cranberry border.  It was an honor to be picked as a favorite by the AHS editor, Meg McKenzie Ryan, this is a true edge-no-eye and it's
Fertile, Bud Count 30, Branching 5

[(Beyond Borders  X  Girls Gone Wild)  X  (Pink Intrigue  X  Seedling)]



*OFF THE HOOK  (Dan Hansen 2015)  $70df     #3nWT   



Narrow, purple, large water mark, midrib, white teeth, lighter speckled sepals, yellow throat.

OFF THE HOOK is actually a modernization of a series of slang words. Closely related to off the chain, there referring to something being so "fresh" and "new" that its literally right off the store shelf. As in "those flowers are OFF THE HOOK dog"! 




*OMELETTE FOR TWO  (Dan Hansen FALL 2012)  $20C

DOUBLE COMPLEX EYE EVERGREEN, 42" SCAPES, EARLY, REBLOOMS, 5.25" FLOWERS, 3 WAY BRANCHING, 15 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Creped linen yellow with eye of cerise, lavender and violet veins,  green throat. 90%  Double! FRANKENFLOWER X CINDYS COMPULSION



* OPAL'S DREAM (Dan Hansen 2012)  $25

“Oh my goodness, just look at the branching and bud count!” Opal Howell saw this cultivar as a 1st year select and absolutely fell in love with its outstanding branching, bud count, huge blooms and razor sharp teeth!  Magenta petals and sepals twist and turn to create the UFO crispate movement and reveal the chartreuse throat. Opal said she would call it “OPAL’S DREAM” since this flower embodies everything she loves to see in a daylily.  Thanks to Opal for naming this toothy beauty and supporting me by visiting my garden every year! Evergreen 32" Scapes, Early Season, Reblooms, 8" Flowers, 5 way branching, 25 bud count, Fertile both ways! (unknown × unknown)




*OUR MISS RUBY (Dan Hansen 08) #5CSK  $20DF

Ev, 28” scapes, E Re 5.25” flowers, Round Pink cream with sculpted yellow to green throat, wide ruffled yellow edge.  Narrow sepals. BR 4 BC 25     Very consistent!  Named for long time DL enthusiast from Ga. Fertile. hard to believe this flower has bloomed for over 10 years.





*PARTING THE RED SEA    (Dan Hansen Spring 2010)    $15C
Evergreen, 22" Scapes, Early-Early, Re-blooms, 5" Flowers, An anomaly of texture among oxblood Red seas. The reds of the deep emerge through a lime throat and flow through sculpted crevices all the way down into ruffled waves via dark red "tributaries". Every bloom is exactly alike! Fertile! Bud Count 22, Branching 4.
HARDY TO ZONE 5 (Tropical Trails X Hot Gossip)





*PAUL’S EYE     (Dan Hansen 2009)  C $15
Ev, 26”
scapes, M, Re, 6” flowers, Round Flat Beige to pink with a triangular blue band, etched in red and double outer edge of cerise and beige. Lighter double midrib in the yellow throat and green center all add to this large flower. Paul Newman passed away recently so this one is for him. Like its name sake it is hard not to just stop and stare at its eyes. Put this one in your garden and know you have something special!  BR 5 BC 22 Fertile both ways






*PERFECTLY PLUMP  (Dan Hansen 2012)  $35 C

Voluptuous, thick, sultry and curvy; this is one for the traditional folks who love those big round fancy flowers!  A green throat subtly breaks out into soft pale Pink petals and saunters to the tips, just barely coming into contact with a robust creamy yellow ruffled edge. Pleasing, pink and paradisiac, this round flower has what it takes to get large, round and wonderful offspring! Evergreen 28" Scapes, Mid Season, Reblooms, 6.5" Flowers, 4 way branching, 20 bud count, Fertile both ways! (Audrey McNeal × Sugar Pop)




*PHILOSOPHER  (Dan Hansen, 2014)  $40c    #1DL2

EVERGREEN, 30" SCAPES, MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 6" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS!  Round Amethyst with uniform white ruffled edge small hallo and yellow to green throat. Philosophy differs from natural sciences in that scientists subject truth claims to tests by empirical experiments as in blooming seedlings, while philosophical propositions may be tested by thought experiments and are conclusions of philosophical arguments as in dreaming about crosses! PHILOSOPHER is a dream come true!   SEXY SAMANTHA X THEY CALL HER VIOLET




*PICK UP LINES     (Dan Hansen 2009)     C $15
Ev, 32”
scapes, EM, Re, 8” flowers, Noc, Ext, Frag, Narrow, UFO, Veined Cream with a lavender eye. The petals are etched with long violet parallel lines that match the thin edge. Petals pinch and sepals recurve. No flowers have the differences in color and pattern that appear in daylilies.   Difficult pod parent, pollen ok




*PINK COUTURE    (Dan Hansen Spring 2010)    $30C
Evergreen 24" Early-Mid Season, Re-blooms, 6" Flowers, Big bubbled edges are all the rage and this is a perfect model! CLEAR Pink slightly ribbed petals are trimmed with a stupendously large yellow edge and a yellow throat. Broad blunt sepals offer a modern look, especially when combined with ruched edges. Watch out Marc Jacobs! Fertile! Bud Count 18, Branching 4 [(Mandalay Bay Music X Girls Rule) X (What A Surprise X tet Grace Pierce)]



*PINK SPRINGS (Dan Hansen 2011 Fall) $20 C

 Evergreen 30" Early Reblooms 9" Flower UF Spatulate. Bitone Narrow Persian Pink with Plum veins and combination of watermark, embossing, and  appliqué pattern in the yellow throat. Sepals are Pale pink. SDL X UK         Fertile      BC 15  BR 3



*PISH POSH    $40 DF (Dan Hansen – Spring 2011) From sunrise to sunset and from May to August this is a consistent edge-no-eye in the garden! Round and very flat with a vermillion border and peachy petals and sepals that stick out like a peace sign…all I can say about this consistent fancy edge-no-eyes is "PISH POSH!" Evergreen, 24" Scapes, Mid Season, Re-blooms, 5.5" Flowers, 3 way branching, 15 bud count, Fertile both ways! (6RENE × 7VENE)



*PLANETARY CONVERSION  (Dan Hansen 2015)  $70df     #1PA5

EVERGREEN, 34" SCAPES, EARLY EARLY, RE-BLOOMS, 6" FLOWERS, 3 WAY BRANCHING, 15 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! GAPOSIS (petals do not overlap), Exotic, pale violet to pink, with triangular blue veined eye, yellow throat. Often the sepals shows a  metallic pattern. Blooming a true red, with white edge and a blue eye would be a PLANETARY CONVERSION. BERRY BEAUTIFUL X SDL



*PLEASURE SPIKED WITH PAIN  (Dan Hansen Fall 09)    $15 C

Ev, 22” scapes, E, RE, 6” flowers,    “Songbird sweet and sour Jane” these violet purple petals are always spiked with a white toothy edge!  Name comes from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song “Aeroplane”.  This tweener flower is a sight to see with a citron throat, purple band and white edge on the re-curved sepals. BC 18, BR 3    Fertile both ways!
[Bite Me  X  (White Fang  X  Seedling)]




*PLEATED PERFECTION    (Dan Hansen Spring 2010)    $15C
Evergreen, 26" Mid Season, Re-blooms, 5.5" Flowers, More glamorous than a Dolce & Gabbana organza dress, this attractive flower is embraced by a lemon edge that flounces over the deeply carved pale petals. To complete the ensemble, add a folded lemon throat and seashell colored sepals that reflex. Some days it is the palest pink and some days ivory to near white; whichever, PLEATED PERFECTION is the lightest colored sculptors available today! Carving is very consistent!  Fertile! Bud Count 18, Branching 3

(Our Miss Ruby X Moral Fiber)


*POCKETS FULL OF SUNSHINE    (Dan Hansen Fall 2009)   C $20
Ev, 20”
scapes, E, RE, 6” flowers,    Natasha Bedingfield herself would be lucky to have this in her pocket!  A citron throat gives way to blush pink petals and bountiful sculpted pockets of yellow sunshine.  This round chiseled beauty has a bright yellow edge, ruffles on all petaloids and blunt sepals. BC 18, BR 3     Fertile both ways!
(Our Miss Ruby  X  Moral Fiber)


*POINTING FINGERS  (Dan Hansen 2015)  $50c       #3NBE

EVERGREEN, 32" SCAPES, EARLY, RE-BLOOMS, 7" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Narrow large white flat flower with pale plum eye and thin border, white toothy edge, yellow throat. BOAR BRISTLES X SDL




*POPEYE THE SAILOR     (Dan Hansen Fall 08)      C $9

EV 27” scapes, EE, RE, 5.5” flowers, Round cream with bold massive purple eye and border and startling green throat. Sepals are narrow, blunt and re-curve, light midrib, outer edge appears darker, BC 20, BR 5. Is “the blue” DL flower going to come from big eyes and edges?






*POPO    (Dan Hansen Fall 2010)    $9C
Evergreen, 24" Scapes, Early-Mid Season, Re-blooms, 5.5" Flowers, UH OH! its the COPS!!! With sirens blaring and cerise and blue lights flashing this pattern takes your breath away!  Bone base with cerise eye and powder blue wide band, thin double edge and glowing green throat. Barely overlapping petals that sometimes pleat up in the throat. Fertile, Bud Count 20, Branching 4 way
(Blue Eyed Bandit  X  Blue Eyed Blonde)




*PURPLE SEA STAR  (Dan Hansen, 2014)  $50C    #1NPUT2

EVERGREEN, 34" SCAPES, EARLY EARLY SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 8" FLOWERS, 5 WAY BRANCHING, 25 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS!   Below the pounding waves of the Pacific, this large violet beauty can be seen clinging to the rocky substrate of the intertidal zone, but in flower form the PURPLE SEA STAR bursts through the foliage on wonderful scapes  that hold extensive branches and large, proliferous  buds! Spiny teeth are lush on both petals and sepals of this pretty purple starfish! BERRY CHEESECAKE X PURPLE PAJAMAS





*PURSED LIPS  (Dan Hansen 2012)  $20 C

Fancy this – a Pleated Plum sculpted daylily with petals that point up to kiss the sky every day, as if saying thank you! From the soft yellow throat curvaceous lips climbs to the top of the petals while the sepals lounge back and watch from below. Evergreen 25" Scapes, Early Season, Reblooms, 5" Flowers, 3 way branching, 15 bud count, Fertile both ways!(Love Comforts the Soul × sdlg)



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