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General Listing of Cultivars from T-Z

Symbols and Abbreviations Key:
Tetraploids                ++ Double form             # Spider, UFO, or just narrow             ^ Small flowers over 3”
Miniatures                                                                                                No symbol
- large Diploids over 4 .5 inches.
- evergreen  (tries to keep its foliage during the winter)                          SEV - semi-evergreen (foliage is less in winter than EV
- dormant (no foliage in winter)                     E - blooms early                 M - blooms Midseason
- blooms late                Re - re-blooms (more than 1 scape per fan)        EXT - Extended bloom (stays open after dark!)
- nocturnal (opens at night, wide open at sunrise)                               EMO - Early Morning Opener
- bud count                  BR - branching              Frag - fragrant                   EZ - Eyezone
- single fan                     DF - double fan (or 2 singles)                                     C - clump (at least 3 fans)

CLUMPS OFFERED unless otherwise mentioned!

*TALL DRINK OF WATER (Dan Hansen 2011 Fall) $15C

Evergreen 52" TALL Midseason Rebloom 5.5" Flower , Pale Pink with bold Magenta eye and edge, Yellow throat, recurves. SDL x UK           Fertile             BC 17 BR 3




*TATSIANA'S DAY (Dan Hansen 2011 Fall) $20c

Evergreen 28" Early Reblooms 6" Flower. Tweener Vanilla with an amazing pattern of Lavender and Magenta, which is repeated on the ruffled triple edge! bright Yellow throat. Named for Tanya Smith of Beaver Falls, PA who loves pattern daylilies and fell in love with this one in our garden this season.  SDL X SDL         Fertile



*TESSA ANN  (Dan Hansen, 2014)  $50C    #2BBE3

EVERGREEN, 28" SCAPES, MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 6" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Awesome plant, blooms over along time, consistent, and vigorous! Round, flat, palest cream with blue eye etched with cerise outside and navy blue veins, yellow to green throat! Named for one of Iver's daughters! MA OCEAN X SDL




*TATTOO  (Dan Hansen, 2014)  $100df    #1WT2

EVERGREEN, 34" SCAPES, EARLY EARLY SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 7" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Narrow canvas petaloids with VERY complex eye, thin picotte edge and green throat. Tattoos are a reminder of something special and this daylily is certainly special! Eye pattern changes some with the season but typically has three zones of absence of color and the sepal eye is triangular!





*THE EAGLE HAS LANDED    (Dan Hansen Fall 2010)    $20C
Evergreen, 32" Scapes, Early-Mid Season, Re-blooms, 8" Flower, UF, Narrow Pink with very large plum eye and thin plum knobby to spiky white edge on the petals above yellow to green throat! Petals usually slightly reflex, have a light midrib, the sepals curl and or twist and have a unique prismatic narrow eye!! Fertile, Bud Count 18, Branching 3
(Cool Starlight  X  Judge Nancy)



*TIME IS LOVE  (Dan Hansen, FALL 2012)  $15C

EVERGREEN, 32" SCAPES, MIDSEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 6" FLOWERS, 3 WAY BRANCHING, 15 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! "I know I gotta put in the hours, make the money while the sunlight shines, but anything I gotta get done, it can get done some other time..." For those who really enjoy the narrow form daylilies, this one is for you!  Charming orchid petals and light orchid sepals are enchanted by small white teeth and a large chartreuse throat. Day after day, this flower has proven to be a wonderful combination of form, color and edge - narrow, clear colored lavender daylilies with edges have always been a favorite, evolving line of mine! "...TIME IS LOVE, gotta run!" [(seedling  x  DIVINE LIGHT)  X  VORACIOUS VIXEN]




*TRIXIE LaTOUR    (Dan Hansen Fall 2010)    $15C
Evergreen, 30" Scapes, Mid Season, Re-blooms, 7" Flower, What a dazzling flower!  Advertising her splendor with raspberry petals and sepals the ostentation of this flower really must be seen to be appreciated!  Petals are round and slightly re-curved with a magnificent scalloped white watermark and large green throat.  This exhibitionist look is often imitated but rarely duplicated, especially when you combine it with a robust, vigorous plant and big blooms!
TRIXIE LaTOUR is the girl everyone is after! Fertile, Bud Count 28, Branching 4  thx MAS! [{[(Outback Red  X  Roses In Snow)  X  Chicks Dig It]  X  Seedling)}  X  Robin Lee]



Blooms over 7", scape 28" tall, Late, rebloom, Flat, very Round.

Velvet Cardinal Red, white ruffled edge, small halo, yellow to green throat and blunt sepals. Clear hot color, resists marks from water and thrips, opens well, plant / scape / bloom  balanced, loves to grow, edge is precise; certainly one of the best flowers in MY garden!

Bc 20, Br 4, Fertile.


*TWIN SOULS  (Dan Hansen, 2014)  $50DF   #2BLDB

EVERGREEN, 32" SCAPES, MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 5.5" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS!  Riding together on the same dark-red wavelength, petals find themselves in sync with the sepals that re-curve and petals that double in time. Unable to break away from each other the TWIN SOULS are forced together by the universal nature of the bloom and create a perfectly merged dark-red double that is edged in white.





*UNA GUITARRA       (Dan Hansen Fall 2009)   $15C
Ev, 23” scapes, EM, Re, 6” flowers,   “With an Earth guitar everything sings, all are put to dance,” as Miguel Inzunza wrote in his song.  When you see the duet of a deep purple eye and matching thick edge resting on darling white petals this guitar will make you want to sing and dance all around your garden!  A chartreuse throat, rounded sepals and pinched petals rhythmically balance this Earthy instrument. BC 25, BR 5    Fertile both ways! (Unknown  X  Unknown)


*UNBOUND  (Dan Hansen 2015)  $70c       #3RED2


Round, tall, large veined flower, bright red, watermark, snow white on ruffled edge, yellow green throat.




*UNIQUE PATH  (Dan Hansen 2015)  $70C       #3uB

EVERGREEN, 30" SCAPES, MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 6" FLOWERS, 3 WAY BRANCHING, 15 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Clear near white, canoes, complex eye of blue, metallic, and cerise. Thin cerise edge and yellow green throat. GUARDING GNOMES X CHILDREN PLAYING



*UWE HOFFMANN  (Dan Hansen 2012)  $20C

One of the tallest cultivars of the Spring 2012 collection, this round gothic flower seems to float above the rest because it lives on statuesque 46” scapes! Dark Red and looking as if it came from the Victorian era, this cultivar has a stalwart white edge that patrols the petals and leads to a well-kept green throat. Named for a kind gentleman from Germany who simply cannot get enough dark daylilies in his garden, he chose this as his namesake when he saw it and fell in love with it during the 2011 bloom season.   Evergreen 46" Scapes, Early Season, Reblooms, 6.5" Flowers, 3 way branching, 16 bud count, Fertile both ways!  (Bursting into Life × Geneva Rocking Robin)





(Dan Hansen - Spring 2011) With her "arms" spread high in the air, sepals quilling, this daylily is at the top of her game. Another one of 3 introductions from LOVE COMFORTS THE SOUL - all of which are giving me strange forms in wonderful plants. Narrow rose petals support the pink quilling sepals above a perky yellow throat and enthusiastic green center. The scapes are "stick straight" and they are the tallest of the 2011 collection. Evergreen, 42" Scapes, Mid-Late Season, Re-blooms, 7" Flowers, 3 way branching, 15 bud count, Fertile both ways! (LOVE COMFORTS THE SOUL x CRANE FIGHTING)




*VINTAGE LAVENDER (Dan Hansen 2011 Fall) $15

Evergreen 20" Midseason Reblooms 6" Flower. Short. Round

Flat soft White with ruffled Lavender border, Green throat.

SDL X SDL         Fertile            BC 20 BR 4


*VORACIOUS VIXEN (Dan Hansen ’09) #6NLT2 $20C

Ev 25” EM Re 8” Noc Ext Narrow Teeth    Lavender with large yellow throat, green center and large white toothed edge on all segments.   BR 3 BC 20 Fertile both ways, hardy z5





*WARM AND FUZZY    $20 C (Dan Hansen – Spring 2011) This plant has an awesome vigorous desire to grow and perform! With a little bit of altitude and superb branching and bud count, this brick red flower double 75% of the time and always has a cozy white edge! The height and branching comes from HOPELESS ROMANTIC and the doubling come from KAY DAY. Having this flower in your garden will have you feeling WARM AND FUZZY on the inside! Evergreen, 30" Scapes, Mid Season, Re-blooms, 5" Flowers, 5 way branching, Fertile both ways! 25 bud count (HOPELESS ROMANTIC x KAY DAY)


*WESTSIDE  (Dan Hansen 2012)  $30C

Whether you are from the east or the west, people tend to do things differently and this is definitely different! This bicolor is framed by a white gold edge on magenta petals and the lighter blunt sepals. Petals are deeply carved, creating caverns that push into the glowing triangular throat. When it comes to quality and sculpted daylilies, this is definitely “upper” WESTSIDE. Evergreen 26" Scapes, Mid Season, Reblooms, 5.5" Flowers, 3 way branching, 15 bud count, Fertile both ways! (sdlg × sdlg)


WHALE TAILS (Dan Hansen ’09) $30DF

Ev 38” EE Re 5.5” Noc Ext Tall Pattern Eye Near White with violet veined patterned eye on all segments and yellow to green throat. Can you see the WHALE TALE in the petals? Always been fascinated by patterns but most flower patterns frankly, have been done, are non-descript, or fade to puddles of color during the day. WT always has whales but will vary daily adding mystery!  SA contributed height and ST brought pattern, both have blue in the background so looking for even more new looks from WT in the future! Very fertile both ways BR 4 BC 22   SEEKING ATTENTION X SHOCK THERAPY




*WHAMMER JAMMER     (Dan Hansen  Fall 2006)      $15C

EV, 30” scapes, M, Re, 8” flowers, Pink and Plum eyed  Spider with light yellow green throat. Petals often droop where as the sepals quill or twist! Slenderness ratio 4:1. Petal length 6”, width 1.5”, wingspan 11”. Branching 5 way plus Y, BC 26. Not pod fertile for me.  HARDY in South Dakota with over 5 way branching!




*WHISPER JUST THE TRUTH     (Dan Hansen 2009)     C $9
Ev, 24” scapes, M, Re, 7” flowers, Noc, Ext, Large, Flat, Clear Red with white edge and green throat. The farther we get from melon and closer to white as a base color the cleaner the blooms appear. Hint of ridging, very large flat velvet flower, intense sun fast color, oh my!!! Face it, size does matter! Very fertile both ways BR 4 BC 24  
HARDY to zone 5






*WHITE KNUCKLE RIDE        (Dan Hansen Fall 2009)    sold out
Ev, 32” scapes, EM, Re, 7” flowers,   Hold on tight! This lanky rollercoaster of white takes you on a great escape!  Palest lavender band, white bubbly edge on petals with sepals rolled back to expose the gripping chartreuse throat atop a nicely branched scape .  BC 22, BR 4     Fertile both ways! 
(Cool Morning Mist  X  Cool Starlight)


*WILCO  (Dan Hansen, 2014)  $40C    #1NRT3

EVERGREEN, 34" SCAPES, MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 8" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS!   Long, lean and narrow with teeth and bright smile, this fellow is sure to be a crowd pleaser among all the narrow lovers. Radiant raspberry sets the gnarly white teeth off while sepals recurve expertly. Tall scapes and large, beautiful flowers put on a dynamic show. Named for a pro-surfer who has enough style and charisma not to care what anyone else thinks!   KNEE HIGH NIBBLER X UK



*WHO WILL STOP THE RAIN  (Dan Hansen 2012)  $15C

“Good men through the ages, trying to find the sun, and I wonder, still I wonder who’ll stop the rain?” The Credence Clearwater Revival song reminds me of this flower, like calm before the storm, the bright lime green throat seeks out the sun for warmth with a deluge of unique Amethyst that just saturates the bloom.  A pristine cream edge flows gently over the petals and adds extreme contrast to the bloom to the vibrant shades of violet in the watermark. “Still the rain kept pourin’, fallin’ on my ears, and I wonder, still I wonder, WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN?” Evergreen 28" Scapes, Early Season, Reblooms, 6" Flowers, 3 way branching, 15 bud count, Fertile both ways! (sdlg × Aunt Kathryn)




*WICKED MESSENGER  (Dan Hansen, SPRING 2013)  $35C

EVERGREEN, 30" SCAPES, MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 5.5" FLOWERS, 5 WAY BRANCHING, 25 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! sdl# 0BE8 Sent from above to taunt and tease us with thoughts of blue eyes and edges, WICKED MESSENGER tells us we are on the right road but have not arrived at our final destination. Written neatly on vanilla parchment petals, we read the story of a lavender and cerise veined band that declared war on mauve backgrounds paired with so-called "blue" eyes. Boasting 5 way branching, great bud count, the clearest petal color, and most consistent radial bands, WICKED MESSENGER is a forerunner in the race to shades of indigo and beyond.  Named after Bob Dylan's 1960s song..."There was a wicked messenger, From Eli he did come, With a mind that multiplied, The smallest matter. When questioned who had sent for him He answered with his thumb, For his tongue it could not speak, but only flatter."




WOMAN IN RED  (DAN HANSEN 2016)  #4R  $125C

Bloom is 6", scape is 30" tall, Midseason, strong rebloom, form is flat with sepals that recurve.

Consistently unblemished Crimson Red with green throat and snow white looping ruffled edge.

Bc 20, Br 4, fertile, vigorous, resists spotting.




* YANNI (Dan Hansen 2012)  $25C

Like fingers flowing gracefully over the piano keys of the Blue eye, this flower has movement and spirit. Pale amber sepals are slender and provide the background unanimity for the musical.  Pinched pale amber petals are in perfect concert with the blue eye, violet striped veins and trim matching edge that give this great flower the look of a finely tuned instrument. Evergreen 34" Scapes, Early Season, Reblooms, 7" Flowers, 3 way branching, 15 bud count, Fertile both ways! (Berry Beautiful × OO Mox)



*YOGA MAN  (Dan Hansen, 2014)  $125c      #2BEV


Round, cream with large blue, veined notched eye and thin edge, etched in cerise, yellow green throat. Awesome plant, very loud, vigorous grower, lots of BLUE! Named after Chris Shea, the YOGA MAN!




*YOU'LL FIND LOVE  (Dan Hansen, SPRING 2013)  $30C

EVERGREEN, 30" SCAPES, MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 6.5" FLOWERS, 3 WAY BRANCHING, 15 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! sdl# 0BPU3 Large and full of life, this flat flower is pumping with energy and ardor. Although you may have fallen for other purples in the past and were disappointed, YOU'LL FIND LOVE reminds you that there are still sunfast and colorfast flowers around! At the center of its essence is a heart of gold throat that warmly pulses out baby ribbing. The petals are gaily trimmed with a perfect white edge and deep ruffles that melt into the center. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but YOU'LL FIND LOVE was made for you! sdlg X (ROBIN LEE X BILLY GOAT)



*YOU LOOKING AT ME  (Dan Hansen FALL 2012)  $20C

EVERGREEN, 36" SCAPES, EARLY EARLY, REBLOOMS, 6.5" FLOWERS, 3 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Pale cream with violet edge and eye with blue veins and yellow to green throat. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR X seedling



ZIGGY STARDUST    $30df (Dan Hansen – Spring 2011)

This flower is the same cross as HIP HOP MUSIC (sold out fall 2010 intro) only this guy has bigger blooms and plant habit! Vanilla colored petaloids create a flashy look with a rose eye and matching rose edge. A yellow-green throat provides a celestial background for the insanely large and consistent toothy yellow edge. Evergreen, 30" Scapes, Mid-Late Season, Re-blooms, 6" Flowers, 3 way branching, 21 bud count, Fertile both ways!  (SPIKE x FRILLY LILYAN)



ZASTRUGI (2006) $20C


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