How to Order

To order you may email list with the daylily names and prices from our Daylily Selections Pages. 

Please use  or to order.  Please be sure to include YOUR name and your physical address. 

You may also print out the ORDER FORM and mail it to the address:

1852 E SR 46
GENEVA, FL 32732

sorry no fax

or you can call me to ask any question, check if plants are in stock ... 407 349 0271 (use email from 12 Dec thru 22 Jan)

phone after dark ANYTIME works best for me!

any month! shipping NOW!


UPS: 2 DAY AIR :          $40.00 plus $3 each plant for CA. WA. OR.
UPS: 2 DAY AIR :          $30.00 plus $3 each plant
UPS: GROUND TRACK: $12.00 plus $2 each plant
PRIORITY U.S. MAIL:     $12.00 plus $2 each plant

1 plant can be 3 or more fans, pay shipping by plant not fans!


Minimum Order: $35 on plants.
Credit Cards: VISA and MASTERCARD and PAYPAL
and personal checks are accepted!

Note: All orders West of Texas must go 2-Day UPS or Priority US Mail. Regular UPS has taken 10 days.

CALIFORNIA : Nematode Inspection covers entire listing.


Foreign Orders are accepted. Payment must be made in U.S. funds. Minimum plants - $300. US EXPRESS mail is used for most packages - $80 plus $4.00 per plant, ($2 Canada UPS) includes phytosanitary inspection. I prefer credit card for payment.
Sorry can NOT ship to Europe!

FREE PHYTOSANITARY INSPECTION for plant orders over $800

By giving permission and a wish list we will substitute on "Sold Out" plants.

Please provide a list of what
want to grow! If you do not provide list of acceptable subs I will refund $$ for that plant. 

BONUS: Will send gift plants at LEAST 25%. no bonus on Bargain  plants or 2017 Introductions. PICK WHAT YOU WANT TO GROW!

Aim To Please: A GUARANTEE
ALL Ladybug plant areas are state inspected yearly with additional nematode inspections. Plants are guaranteed to be freshly dug, healthy and true to name. Depth and hue of color, size and height can vary depending on type of soil and climate. We do not guarantee OTHER hybridizer's daylily plants.  ALL PLANTS will be healthy on arrival and true to cultivar ordered. Please call me if there is an error or you are displeased.

If you lose any plant I will replace it!

please request replacement within 10 years!!    

PUBLIC SALE GARDEN: please call ahead of visit
Bloom Season  APRIL -  JUNE 2017
 9am - 3pm?? the gate is always open so come when you can!

All Ladybug plants are field grown, and field propagated. No cutting crowns, no pasting, no tissue culture. No unbloomed prolifs are shipped. All plants shipped are bloom size (except in fall - plants are small). We do use Roundup to control weeds. We spray aggressively to control rust in April and May with Stratego. NO insecticides or miticides or fungicides to control "rot" are used in the fields... EVER


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