SANDWICH ON THE PORCH ROOF (Teresa Goldman 2017)    #4DBE  $150

"Years ago a friend told me a story about a young child whom became so frustrated that he threw a sandwich on the porch roof (while in a garden surrounded by beautiful flowers). To this day when I'm feeling life's frustrations all I have to do is picture this story and say to myself... 'that's a sandwich on the porch roof' and instantly my mood changes to a more peaceful happy place. My worries leave and are replaced with a big smile" TG    *it was not her sandwich!!!

90% Double! near white with plum eye and edge, some teeth, yellow throat, tweener!
Round 6" Bloom, 32" Scape height,  3 way Branching, 15 Bud count, Season Early Mid. Reblooms

 Fertile both ways. (BEE WING BALL GOWN X AIYANA) x Unknown

*Teresa did my double program in 2013! Lived out here for 5 weeks crossing everyday! She has 3 intros this year and few more next year! My flowers remind me of all the wonderful women who have helped me with my DLs over the last 25yrs, starting with my Mom! Thank you Teresa!!!

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